The globe is my playground. I shoot anywhere in this world. - Gaby Abboud


At Gabmaster , we use a state-of-the-art studio to carefully blend traditional lighting techniques with the latest in photographic technology. We take full advantage of not only the latest in SLR and medium format equipment, but also the most current computer enhancement software to provide the maximum in clarity, and quality. Our studio is run by professional photographer Gaby Abboud. Native of Lebanon, but a resident of Chicago for most of his adult life, Gaby has brought old world style and meshed it seamlessly with new world techniques. This simple, yet brilliant blend of old and new, make for some of the most awe-inspiring and stunning photographs available to the public outside of major fashion companies.


What makes Gabmaster Photography so unique along with its multi-cultural background is its additional in-depth knowledge and understanding of new technologies. Old world style, blending art and creativity with the latest and greatest that technology has to offer!So regardless of whether you want to re-invigorate a brand, unleash a dynamic new product line, or simply wow people with an unparalleled portfolio; Gabmaster is your one-of-a-kind resource for all your photographic needs. In-house, or on location; we go where the action and client demand us to be!

Gaby Abboud

Gaby Abboud has lived most of his life exploring his careers as a premiere visual artist, photographer, and director, managing creative, visual production, luxury branding projects, and set building at an optimal level. Due to the excellent achievements in photography, he has earned professional partnerships with very influential brands, artists¸ companies, agencies, and publications. As someone who is always inspired, Gaby often goes out of his way to discover new talent, and passionately adopts incredible projects. A technical professional, whose mantra is “measure twice, cut once,”
Gaby approaches every project creatively, with full attention to details and exploits his more than 10 years’ experience.
Gaby never delivers “below quality and expectation” to his client and struggles to build a “work hard, play hard” environment whenever he’s having any shoots. He loves challenges; due to his fun-loving personality, he has this contagious energy that makes his clients “repeat customers.”

Gaby Abboud



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