Since your customers can’t examine your products up close, it is essential that they see and feel what you are selling online through a photograph.  Competing in the visual marketplace requires a technical photographer who has skills in enhancing the lighting, hiding imperfections, providing scalability, accentuating particular angles, and creating infinity curves. Gabmaster’s proofs have no distortion or color shifting in their product images, providing you with captivating photos.


Gaby did an incredible job with our menu items for our restaurant.  He took several angle shots and gave us all the proofs.  The food detail was amazing and the color vibrant.  The displays were creative and appealing.  His crew was professional and efficient.  We are looking forward to hiring him again for additional work.

by Casey's Restaurant

The purpose of product photography is to capture attention and make an immediate strong impression to make a sale.  It can lend itself to a ‘fine art’ feel bringing out the natural beauty and textures in the object.  For most products, the infinity curve is an ideal way to have blank whiteness in the background with no horizon.


Techniques sometimes used for product photography is to exaggerate the object’s characteristics by allowing interesting textures and light to graze the surface.  We highlight details and deepen shadows to create richer looking texture.


Food photography allows the viewer to see, feel and almost taste the food. This is used for a Menu, Website, Print advertisement, Billboard, Table tent, or Direct mail promotion.


If a product is more of a service, go for emotion to show the feeling produced by using the product.  This can include a cable service, a movie theater experience and much more.

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